Red wine grapes

verCabernet SauvignonIt shoots and ripens 5-7 days after TempranilloMedium to small cluster. Small grape with tough grape-skin.
ver GarnachaIt shoots a week earlier than Tempranillo, and it ripens after some days.Compact, medium–big clusters, small grape size.
verGracianoIt shoots 5-7 days after Tempranillo and ripens 7- 10 days later.Medium cluster and small grape size.
ver Mazuelo Late shoot and ripening. Not cool areas recommended.Big clusters, Medium grape size. Rough skin.
Medium shoot and ripening varietyMedium  size clusters of half-pyramid shapes with medium grapes size.
ver Merlot
Early shoot 5-7- days before Tempranillo, they ripen at the same time.Medium to big cluster. Medium grape size
ver Prieto Picudo
Early shoot and ripeningClose medium- small, compact cluster, with short lateral arm.  Small, oval grape.
ver Syrah
It shoots at the same time as Tempranillo and it ripens 4-5 days later.Medium, compact, cylindrical cluster. Small grapes.
ver Tempranillo
It shoots earlier than Cabernet Sauvignon and after Red Garnacha. Medium to big cluster. Medium grape