Who we are

The company was founded in Logroño in 1926 by Pedro Provedo de Miguel. On his death, his son Pedro Provedo González, has diligently followed in his father´s footsteps until 2003. Since that year, the company´s administration is hold by his sons Javier and Ignacio, both agricultural engineers.

The main nursery is located in Logroño, in Varea to be precise. The company has at the moment two other nurseries in Extremadura and in Castilla La Mancha.

Provedo is the Spanish leader in wood agricultural products, producing a variety of plants. It produces over 4 million plants of vine, olives and fruit trees.

The company supplies vine, olive and fruit growers as well as wineries. It also exports to Mediterranean countries like Portugal, Morocco and Turkey.

It has a high productive capacity with 200 hectares by the river Ebro and Guadiana where plants are produced.

Recently the company has built a new laboratory for producting plants germinated in vitro in order to increase production and the possibility of producing new fruit varieties faster from one of our R+D programs.