It is the most  interesting agricultural  variety in traditional plantations, for its high oil productivity and easy to work. Widely cultivated, located in Jaén, early variety, and high yield. Regular and quick start producing.


Its variety name refers to its fruit shape. It has a lot of different synonyms.


It is the most cultivated variety in the world. In the Jaén province it accounts for more than 95%. It can reach up to 1 million ha, mostly in Andalucía.


Vigorous variety. It starts soon to produce a regular and high yield. Early ripening time allows easy  removal which enables the use of machine labour.
The variety is mostly cultivated with the traditional several feet system, although the modern plantations in one only trunk with higher plantation densities present interesting economic turnovers under favourable climatologic conditions.

Rustic variety. Adapts well to temperatures and different soil conditions such as salt, poor and damp. Sensitive to chlorosis in limestone and drought. Sensitive to leaf spot disease and verticillium wilt.


Leaf: Elliptical-lanced. Medium long and wide.
Fruit: Oval shape, black colour in ripening, asymmetrical. Round tip with small absent nipple. A lot of small lenticels.


High fat content yield oil, high stability. Good to mix with other varieties less stable.