Low vigorous, early, and interesting variety for its oil quality and for use in brine. It is quite rustic.


It has a lot of local different denominations.


It is cultivated all around  the Central System area specially in Extremadura, Avila, Salamanca and Madrid. It is also present in the west of Portugal.


Interesting low vigorous variety, early in blossom and harvest. Easy picking. It starts early to produce. High and regular production. High adaptation to poor and cold soils. Low resistance to verticillium wilt and  tolerant to olive-fly and tuberculosis. Its usual prune includes important wood elimination, with a low leaf/wood relation especially good as a dressed fruit.


Leaf: Flat, elliptical- lanced
Fruit: Round shape, truncated base and round tip.
Stone: Pointed tip and base, with mucro


Extremely popular table olive in Spain. Flesh easily split to remove stone. Very good organoleptic qualities. High oil content quality, low stability, low industrial yield.