Very important variety of over 270.000 ha planted between the Northen Málaga and the Southern Córdoba. Late ripening. Valued oil and double use: green and mill.


It has this name for its leaves colour. It is also known as Lucentina.


It is located in Andalucia, in limestone soils.


Late blossom and ripening. Difficult harvest with vibration picking system. Drought and limestone resistant. It is not high diseases resistant. Medium resistance to cold.


Leave: Long and laced shape, flat profile
Fruit. Large and oval. Symmetric and with lots of small lenticels
Stone: Symmetric and round. With mucro.


It is the most important  double use variety :fruit and oil.
For fresh consume it is dressed and processed by “oxidation system” that transform into a black olive, well valued but with lower quality than Manzanilla. Popular oil, with low stability, which makes an interesting variety to mix with others, such as Picual or Picudo.