This variety is cultivated in Aragon area, good oil quality, and quite rustic. It is normally grafted.


Its name comes from its rootstock. It is also named as Aragonesa, Fina, Zaragozana.


It is located in the Ebro valley, mainly in Zaragoza province. It is also cultivated in the Balearic Islands where we can find very old trees of this variety.


It is a grafted variety. Regular and high production. Early ripening and easy to pick. It is quite rustic and poor and dry soils resistance. It is also resistant to cool and verticillium wilt. Sensitive to leaf spot disease, tuberculosis and olive-fly.


Leaf: flat, elliptical-lanced shape
Fruit: elongate, truncated  base, round tip shape.
Stone: Pointed base and tip. Mucro.


High quality oil, with high fat content yield. It is also used for dressing in Californinan black style, with a valued crumpled, rancid fruit.