It is the most cultivated variety nowadays in the world, including  Spain. It has a very good adaptation to high density cultivation systems and suitable to machines labour. Fruity oil with low oxidative stability. Extremely popular. Low vigour variety and cold resistance.


No synonyms have been found for this variety.


Its original area was the Ebro valley, especially in Lleida province. At present this variety represents half of all new plantations made in Spain and it is in continuous expanding to other countries with appropriate climate.


Low vigour, and early yield. High productivity. Compact cluster with difficult picking by vibration system because it hangs well on the tree. Early picking time. Over ripening must be avoided due to the easy oxidation of the oil. Sometimes it can appear more than one year wood blossom. High cold resistance. Medium resistance to salt and verticillium wilt. Low resistance to leaf spot disease. Sensitive to iron chlorasis.


Leaf: Short and elliptic.
Fruit: Small and round. Without nipple and hardly any lenticels.
Stone: Symmetric, elongated, round on both sides.


Very valued oil with high fruit taste, low bitterness and spicy. Sweet sensation, very suitable for not usual oil consumers.

Low fat yield, well balanced with its high productivity. The oil keeping can’t last several seasons. It must be kept out from light and oxygen. It is a very interesting variety to mix with other more balanced to improve its flavours.

There is also a local consume in green.